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Face and Body Oil

A mix of vegetable oils and algae extracts with great moisturising, elasticising and nourishing properties. The product, rich with emollient lipids is suitable for face and body treatments and leaves the skin visibly smoother and softer, maintaining it m...
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foot care specific cosmetics

A comprehensive line of foot care products, to prevent and treat all imperfections of this part of the body, so important for a person’s wellness. Skin cracks, hygiene and swelling will no longer be a problem thanks to cosmetic formulas that combine th...
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“Coloured tape” that thanks to the extraordinary effects of marine active ingredients, enhances body tissue qualities. With one simple move, the tape improves cell metabolism, drains the areas that suffer the effects of water retention and brings bac...
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Anti-Age Marine DNA

A new suncare line suitable for all skin types, for a perfect and safe tan. Fabbrimarine sun products combine stable and effective sun block protection with a light and pleasant cosmetic formula, guaranteeing the best UVB and long and short UVA ray prote...
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men line

A line of facial products studied specifically for men. Improves the smoothness and colour of the skin, fighting the signs of age and lack of tone. The combination of marine stem cells and hyaluronic acid have an important anti-age effect, while the yeas...
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