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advanced photosome concept

After years spent researching the factors that affect skin vitality, Fabbrimarine laboratories have made yet another significant step forward in terms of revitalising skin and protecting it from external agents. Chronocare, the result of recent skin phys...
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Marine Stem Cells

The Smart Line that recognises skin and regenerates beauty day after day. Fabbrimarine Laboratories have created a new line of cosmetics inspired by Smart Stem Cells (Cellule Staminali Intelligenti – CSI) from Eryngium maritimum plants. These plants ar...
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XX Concept

nourishing cosmetics for stressed skin

Oxidative stress is the damage provoked by the environment to organic tissues; it is responsible for the excessive increase of free radicals that attach the structure of the cells altering their functions and causing premature skin ageing. Fabbrimarine h...
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Dry skin

Based of extraordinary analogies between the sea and mankind, Perfectio treatments act more effectively as they are empowered by the natural similarities between the skin and marine active ingredients. Through the analysis of the osmotic process typical ...
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