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A new specific treatment to target localised adiposity without renouncing the pleasure of taking care of your body; Sator Hot is another way of tackling the imperfections of the body, a wellness ritual in the atmosphere of a SPA.

Sator hot

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An antioxidant and re-mineralising wellness ritual that makes the skin look luminous and young again, getting rid of the signs of stress.


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A wellness ritual that renews skin leaving it smooth, moisturised and toned. Brings back luminosity and energy even to the most tired skin. Anti-age

Sator vitamin

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A draining wellness ritual that leaves the body feeling light and toned, protecting micro circulation and skin cells.

Sator lymph

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A reducing wellness ritual that gives the body back its tone and compactness. Skin appears luminous and revitalised. Anti-Age

Sator vital

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