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Suitable for all ages, because it's the skin that decides how to use the functional active ingredients in the formula. At 20, when facial skin only needs to maintain the right hydro-lipidic balance; at 40, when the first wrinkles start appearing and cell renewal is slower; at 50, when the ski...

AQUA Skin Therapy

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Alpha 1 mandelico
Dry, sensitive skin

Alpha 2 mandelico
Oily skin

Alpha-mandelico is a program that uses mandelic acid associated with glycolic acid in a medical-esthetic professional procedure for the cellular improvement of the skin. Mandelic acid belongs to the alph...

Alpha Mandelico

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A gentle ritual designed for skin damaged by the environment or by age. Marine stem cells’ extraordinary ability to adapt make them a smart and effective remedy to repair the alterations of the various layers of tissue.

Skin Repair CSI

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A skin preparation ritual that can be combined with any other treatment to enhance its effectiveness and the duration of its effects. Glycolic acid, Argan Oil, Sea Water and Marine Stem Cells are used to increase the skin receptivity.

Archè Cell Renewal

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