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Un trattamento speciale, indicato per tutte le pelli stressate, prive di tono e vitalità. L’azione anti-ossidante della formulazione, protegge il tessuto cutaneo dall’attacco dei radicali liberi, causa degli stress ossidativi cellulari. Adatto a tutte le età.

XX Concept, nutrimento di bellezza

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A gentle ritual designed for skin damaged by the environment or by age. Marine stem cells’ extraordinary ability to adapt make them a smart and effective remedy to repair the alterations of the various layers of tissue.

Skin Repair CSI

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A special treatment formulated for sensitive skin with irritations and redness caused by changing weather conditions, pollution and couperose. Strengthens the skin’s defence system thanks to a desensitising and soothing action and contributes to the reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film. ...

Perfectio Hydra Sensitive

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