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A draining wellness ritual that leaves the body feeling light and toned, protecting micro circulation and skin cells.

Sator lymph

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A ritual to target lack of tone; the combination of elasticising algae and adequate manual massage improves the tone and compactness of tissues and provides a pleasant feeling of wellness.

Thalasso toning

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Professional procedure that provides combined treatment in 5 weeks for local fatty deposits associated with cellulitic swelling and relaxation of the tissues. The combined action of Thalagel, Algoil and Silt attacks the unsightliness in a precise and synchronized manner, reshaping the silhouette ...

Thalasso reducer

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Marine and vegetal ingredients come together in a ritual designed to relax the skin; brings back tone and compactness after only a few sessions.

Start 5 Toning

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Thanks to their special formula, Fabbrimarine bandages offer a targeted action against specific imperfections. During the resting stage, they gradually release active substances allowing them to be fully absorbed. Marine and vegetal active ingredients are skilfully combined to obtain 6 specif...

Fabbrimarine Targeted Bandages

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