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La cosmetica marina / 

A draining wellness ritual that leaves the body feeling light and toned, protecting micro circulation and skin cells.

Sator lymph

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A ritual to target water retention and localised or diffuse swelling; sea water and algae with draining properties, in combination with active ingredients that protect micro circulation, provide a feeling of lightness and bring legs and body back into shape.

Thalasso draining

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A ritual designed to reduce the imperfections of the skin caused by cellulite, thanks to the combination to substances with draining, blood vessel protecting and detoxifying effects; leaves skin feeling compact and smooth.


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A ritual to stimulate local metabolism with a strong draining and detoxifying effect; a great preamble to any ritual that targets “old”, difficult-to-treat adiposity, improving their results. 

Thalasso Atomised

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Sea salt osmosis and the draining-blood-vessel-protecting action of the vegetal essential oils creates a ritual that targets water retention and localised and diffuse swelling; the feeling of lightness at the end of each treatment is accompanied by a visible reduction of liquids.

Start 4 Draining

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