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A new specific treatment to target localised adiposity without renouncing the pleasure of taking care of your body; Sator Hot is another way of tackling the imperfections of the body, a wellness ritual in the atmosphere of a SPA.

Sator hot

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A wellness ritual that renews skin leaving it smooth, moisturised and toned. Brings back luminosity and energy even to the most tired skin. Anti-age

Sator vitamin

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Marine and vegetal ingredients come together in a ritual designed to relax the skin; brings back tone and compactness after only a few sessions.

Start 5 Toning

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Egos Massage Candles are made with the best vegetable oils and butters that nourish, tone and hydrate the skin. The drops of the precious vegetable fluid bring tone and strength to the body – thanks to a pleasant warm feeling that gets rid of inhibitions and fatigue – and recharge it with...

Egos Candle Massage

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